Inside Jeff Bezos’ $175 Million Mansion

Jeff Bezos recently bought a massive compound in Beverly Hills, California for $165 million. Today, the estate is worth about $175 million. Bezos purchased the luxurious property by selling some of his Amazon shares, and the property sale is one for the record books. It’s the most expensive California real estate sale of all time, and Bezos even bought a $10 million mansion right next door. Bezos’ $175 million property includes a 13,600 sq.-ft. Megamansion, two guesthouses, a motor court, a tennis court, a 9-hole golf course, a tree nursery, three greenhouses, numerous manicured gardens, and a large outdoor swimming pool. The property is surrounded by tall hedges that offer security and privacy. Bezos’ Beverly Hills compound was built in the 1930s for Warner Bros. co-founder Jack Warner. During the Golden Age of Hollywood, Jack Warner would host lavish parties at the estate and invite guests such as Jimmy Stewart and Audrey Hepburn. Bezos purchased the property from music producer David Geffen, who happens to be good friends with Bezos. Geffen actually listed the property for $225 million, so Bezos got an incredibly good deal. Bezos is never bored when he’s at home because his mansion has a screening room, a bar with an antique chandelier from the 1920s, a library, a sunroom, and a huge dining room. Bezos’ elegant mansion sits at the end of a sycamore-lined driveway. A picturesque fountain lies right in front of the mansion’s main entrance, and there is plenty of space for Bezos to park his cars. Bezos’ property next door shares a hedge with the main compound and features three bedrooms, five bathrooms, six fireplaces, a rear patio, a courtyard, a den, a rose garden, and a vegetable garden. Here’s a look at Jeff Bezos’ $175 million compound.

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