The Real Reason Drew Barrymore is Giving Up Acting

When it comes to Hollywood child stars, few have stories that are quite as tragic as Drew Barrymore. However, her tragic story also came with a glorious redemption arc that saw her become an even bigger Hollywood star in her adult years. For the past decade, however, Drew has become increasingly disinterested in acting in films.

Many don’t realize that Drew’s reduced Hollywood presence in the past decade came as a result of the star’s transition into motherhood. In 2012, Drew married her third husband, Will Kopelman. Before divorcing in 2016, the two had a pair of daughters. Given all that happened to Drew as a child, she was understandably reluctant to want to raise her kids too close to Hollywood. Because of this, she began acting much less after they were born.

Despite taking a break from acting, Drew Barrymore can still be seen in the public spotlight! While a Hollywood set may be a little much for her nowadays, she is comfortable doing her steady gig filming The Drew Barrymore Show. This daytime talk show has been a big success since it’s premiere, allowing Drew to continue working without the pressures of a Hollywood production. Drew has expressed that she may return to Hollywood acting once her kids are older, and fans can tune into her talk show in the meantime.

Drew Barrymore has certainly worked hard to have the freedom that her current career allows her. She has been acting since she was 11 months old, and has overcome one of the most tragic upbringings in Hollywood history. Join Facts Verse as we try to figure out the real reason Drew Barrymore is giving up acting.

The Real Reason Drew Barrymore is Giving Up Acting

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