Billionaires VS Millionaires: What Do They Spend In A Day

It’s easy to clump the world’s wealthy together, but life as a billionaire is very different from life as a millionaire. We’re taking you to California, the US state with the most billionaires and tons of millionaires, to find out just how different a day in the life of the averagely-wealthy is from the ultra-wealthy. While a millionaire might be lucky enough to own a $10 million private plane, a billionaire could own a $400 million private jet– like the Boeing 747-8i business jet. While a millionaire might have a 7-figure mansion, a billionaire probably owns a 9-figure estate– like Jeff Bezos and his Warner Estate. And though a millionaire could splurge on a classic motor yacht, a billionaire could own something like the Eclipse superyacht for more than $1 billion.

But both millionaires and billionaires have to maintain their luxurious lifestyle. What does owning an estate really cost every day? What about owning luxury vehicles like a Rolls-Royce Ghost, Aston Martin Valhalla, or a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO? The wealthy also have to think about things like security costs– Mark Zuckerberg spends over $8 million a year for his. And we know the world’s rich are taking amazing vacations every year to private islands in Fiji and even $200,000, 24-hour trips to places like Antarctica. Click play and join us as we experience an average day in the life of the rich– and find out just how much money it really takes to maintain their expensive, private world.

[📹:The Richest]

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