The Most Expensive Private Jets In The World

Private jets are becoming more luxurious every year. Jet manufacturers like Bombardier, Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer spend billions of dollars every year to create state-of-the-art private jets that cater to the most wealthy people in the world. Jeff Bezos owns two Gulfstream 650ERs. Bill Gates also owns two Gulfstream 650ERs, and even Elon Musk owns a Gulfstream 650ER. Boeing makes private jets that cost nearly half a billion dollars, so it’s quite possible that a manufacturer could one day make a private jet that costs as much as $1 billion. Some private jets are so spacious inside that they have foyers and staircases. World leaders of wealthy countries like Kuwait and Oman opt for massive $400 million private jets while business executives prefer mid-size private jets that are worth less than $100 million. Private jet manufacturer Embraer has even created an interior design concept for its Lineage 1000E private jet that is reminiscent of ancient Japan. The Kyoto Airship design features large vertical windows and skylights which bring in plenty of natural light while flying high in the sky. It’s sort of like a series of Japanese shoji doors, similar to what you would find in a classic Japanese home from the Edo period. Embraer’s Kyoto Airship design features a low-to-the-ground chabudai table in the center of the cabin where you and your guests can enjoy some green tea and sashimi. The interiors of private jets are becoming fancier every year. Here’s a look at the most expensive private jets in the world.

Source:The Richest

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