Protests in Myanmar follow violent nighttime police raids

In Myanmar, protesters took zo the streets again to continue their demonstrations against last month’s military coup and demanding the release of elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Tens of thousands participated in the Marches, with the largest protests in the city of Mandalay. It followed police raids targeting opposition leaders, where a number of people were arrested. Witnesses have described hearing shots during those raids. It comes as the Chinese government says it’s willing to work with the relevant parties to ease tensions.
There hasn’t been a day of rest for protestors since February first, when the military rounded up the country’s democratically elected leaders, and told the world they are now in charge. Estimated 50 deaths, one in particular has gripped people around the world.
Mandalay university student Kyal Sin was shot in the head as police opened fire on protesters last Wednesday. Thousands attended her funeral a day later. Giving the three-finger salute that has become a gesture of solidarity among pro-democracy civilians – and a show of defiance against the military.
Kyal Sin hasn’t been allowed to rest in peace. Witnesses say her grave was disturbed by soldiers shortly after her burial. They allege her body was subject to a graveside autopsy by military doctors. Only adding to the outrage over her killing.
Kyal Sin’s story is no isolated incident. Wednesday was the deadliest day since protests began at the start of February. But UN figures show more than 50 civilian protestors have been killed since the military coup.
Many people say the international community isn’t doing enough. Diplomatic efforts so far have failed. The UN’s special envoy has urged the security council to act now. But that hasn’t stopped one day of violence.
With no signs of the bitter and dangerous standoff easing between civilians and the military, many are wondering when everything will nbe okay on the streets of Myanmar again.

Source: DW NEWS

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