Top 20 Best-paid Sportsperson on Social Media in 2021

The best-paid athlete in 2021 on social media is Cristiano Ronaldo, who bags almost $1.25 million for every single one of his Instagram posts.

The Juventus star makes over $374,662 more than his nearest rival on the list in Lionel Messi. Considering Ronaldo has over 77 million Instagram followers than the six-time Ballon d’Or winner, it’s not all that surprising.

In fact, Ronaldo is the most followed Instagram user and even recently became the first person to hit over 500 million followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

More interesting is the fact that 18 of the 20 highest earners on social media are all footballers.

According to Bonus Finder, only two players from NBA, LeBron James and Steph Curry made the cut.

Top 20 best-earning sportsperson in 2021 on various social media platforms.

Pos Athlete Sport Pay-per-post
1 Cristiano Ronaldo Football $1,247,157.70
2 Lionel Messi Football $873,495.67
3 Neymar Football $703,649.29
4 LeBron James Basketball $379,485.34
5 David Beckham Football $316,399.54
6 James Rodriguez Football $226,138.32
7 Kylian Mbappe Football $225,167.77
8 Zlatan Ibrahimovic Football $225,167.77
9 Marcelo Football $224,197.23
10 Gareth Bale Football $212,065.34
11 Sergio Ramos Football $208,183.13
12 Paul Pogba Football $208,183.13
13 Paulo Dybala Football $198,477.63
14 Luis Suarez Football $191,198.50
15 Karim Benzema Football $180,037.17
16 Andres Iniesta Football $173,728.58
17 Steph Curry Basketball $157,714.50
18 Antoine Griezmann Football $154,802.85
19 Dani Alves Football $153,832.30
20 Zinedine Zidane Football $134,906.56
Top 20 Earners from Social Media 2021

Source: Markkanddari

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