Touch Your Pinky and Thumb, See How Rare You Are

Do you wanna know just how unique you are? Here’ a trick you can do! Put your pinky finger and thumb together and check if a muscle rises in your wrist. Whether or not it does will tell you just how rare you are! And there are plenty of other tests you can do, like rolling your tongue or checking if your hair whirl goes clockwise or counterclockwise. You might have some of the rarest body features only 1% of people can boast of having! 😲

Yet other body features tell the world about your personality! If you want to read someone like a book, no need to take body language classes. Just look at a person’s eye color, face symmetry, nose and brow shape, even how they sneeze! They all give away personality traits! You can know everything about someone just by looking at them! But…with one glance, the whole world knows everything about you too! 😳

Source: Bright Side

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