I Married A Man On Death Row | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

THIS woman has moved countries to marry a man on death row. Sigrid, 39, lives in Florida with her nine-month-old son. She is a long way from her native home of France, where she once had a large support system of family and friends. Since moving to the states three years ago to marry a man on death row her life has been turned upside down. Her husband Alan is in a prison a one hour drive away from her, where he has been incarcerated for the past 15 years for first-degree murder and robbery. Sigrid explained how they met: “I started writing to prisoners because I believe in second chances and rehabilitation.” She became Alan’s penpal, only looking to be his companion, however, after conversing for months, their relationship began to evolve. “When I started to realise that I was having feelings for him, and him for me, we both got scared,” she said. “We tried to stop writing to each other, [but] we were both miserable. After six weeks, he wrote back – the first words were, ‘I love you’.”

Source: Truly

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