Kraken vs Cthulhu: Who’s #1 Sea Monster Legend?

If two of the most terrible and powerful monsters collided in a duel, who would win? Great and atrocious Cthulhu and the mighty and hideous Kraken! Oh, that would be the most epic fight in the history of the Universe! The kraken has been sinking ships for centuries and never met any decent resistance. The largest mammal on Earth is the blue whale, which is no more than a pet goldfish for the kraken. Even a megalodon could easily lose to the tentacled beast in battle.

But in the most remote place on Earth that’s called Point Nemo, deep below the ocean surface, lies the ancient city of R’lyeh, built long before the appearance of humans, and amidst the slumbering ruins, the huge and powerful Cthulhu is dreaming. This ancient demigod has been resting here for hundreds of millennia. All this time, Cthulhu has been waiting for its hour to wreak havoc on Earth. It’s sleeping, but even in its dreams, Cthulhu communicates with members of its very own cult following. It uses telepathy to get into their minds and make them do atrocious things…

Source: Bright Side

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