3D Look Inside Black Holes, Stars, and Comets

Black holes are some of the most mysterious objects in the Universe. They have an immense gravitational pull. Nothing, including light, can escape this force. Every black hole has an invisible line-in-the-sand. Cross it – and you won’t be able to escape, even if you’re a beam of light. For obvious reasons, no one has ever had a chance to check what’s inside a back hole. But we offer an alternative. How about taking a spectacular virtual journey into a black hole?

And not only there: today, we’re gonna explore stars, planets, comets, and asteroids! By the way, did you know that these irregular space rocks vary in size and can be as tiny as boulders or as large as football fields? They’re solid, rocky remains of the disk of gas and dust that surrounded the young Sun 4.5 billion years ago! So, are you a true space lover? Then this 3D video will definitely fascinate you!

Source: Bright side

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