Not Even My Biology Teacher Knew All 41 Body Facts

Scientists reveal new discoveries about the human body almost every day, and some of them sound very surprising to us. We made a collection of facts that suggests there is something really powerful about our bodies. Did you know for, example, that your brain generates electricity, and it’d be enough to light up a small lightbulb, if you could only figure out how? Or that tongue has a lot of fat in it? And if you gain weight, your tongue does too!

Most people think they have 5 senses. But that’s not true. Scientists don’t yet know themselves, but they think there’re more than 20. There’s sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, and there’re other senses like time, hunger and thirst. Then there’s proprioception – the sense of where your body is in space. Interested? Then check out these unusual facts about your body that you might’ve not even thought about.

Source: Bright side

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