Woman infected with Covid-19 commits suicide after spreading the disease to her daughter and husband

A Japanese woman who tested positive for the coronavirus has killed herself after spreading the disease to her daughter and husband.

The woman who is in her 30s, was found dead last Friday in her Tokyo apartment where she was self-isolating after contracting Covid-19. She was asymptomatic.

The Japanese woman lived with her husband and daughter who have both tested positive for the disease, according to local media citing sources.

In a note she left behind, the woman wrote that ‘it is inexcusable that I have become a nuisance,’ and blamed herself for her daughter catching the virus.

She also said that she felt sorry for causing trouble for people around her.

Health experts have reportedly called for necessary mental care for the people who self-isolate at home during the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed more than two million people worldwide.

The news comes as the number of people taking their own lives in Japan has risen.

Source: lindaikejisblog

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