How Vladimir Putin Became Worth $200 Billion

[Source: The Richest]. He’s the head of one of the largest nations ever to exist. He’s known for his authoritarian ways of governing, and his alpha male demeanor. He’s been the leader of his country for a total of almost 2 decades, and it looks like he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Oh, and he also happens to be good buddies with none other than Donald Trump. The man in question we were talking about is none other than Vladimir Putin Russia’s president. And while he may claim to only live a modest and frugal life, turns out Vladimir Putin may be hiding away a secret fortune. A secret fortune that one total, would make him the richest man on the planet. Richer than Jeff Bezos, richer than Elon musk, richer than Bill Gates. Yeah. This is an extreme fortune. And the thing is, there are tons of clues that hint to him actually being this wealthy. Like his extremely expensive watch collection, his lavish suits, and many houses and palaces that he has throughout his homeland of Russia. So what’s going on here? Is Vladimir Putin actually this rich? and if so how has he gotten away with keeping his fortune secret for so long? Well don’t you worry. Today were finding out as we talk about the life of Vladimir Putin, how he rose to power, what he spends his money on, and if he actually is secretly the worlds richest man.

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