If You See This Bird, Don’t Touch the Water No Matter What!

Lake Natron is probably one of the eeriest lakes in the world. Just looking at it makes you wonder if you’re still on Earth. The red water looks… nightmarish. Then you smell it. It’s like a poisonous chemical cocktail. Snakes, lizards, birds – any living creature is afraid to go near the lake. Even hyenas pass by it! The African sun burns the ground all around – hardly any vegetation grows. There’s also a volcano nearby that oozes black lava. Hot water geysers complement the alien landscape.

The scarlet lake reaches scalding temperatures, almost as hot as a fresh cup of coffee! Water evaporates quickly. What remains: salt, and lots of it. Chemically, this is more a lake of ammonia than water. If you decided to take a dip, well, we wouldn’t recommend it if you value your life! Hey, at least you’ll go in an epic way: you’d turn into a stone statue! So what nightmarish monsters could dwell in these toxic waters? A giant tentacled beast with razor-sharp fangs? Nope, just flamingos!

(📹:Bright side)

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