You’re Programed to be Lazy, 20 Seconds Will Change That

Your watch says it’s 6:30 PM and time to leave the office. You still have 3 unfinished reports and one research to do. Nah, you’ll do it all tomorrow. So you drive home and… don’t make a detour to the gym as you planned in the morning. Nah, you’ll do it tomorrow. You get home, take the spinach out of the fridge, and put it back on the upper shelf. Frozen burger goes into the microwave. Yeah, you can start eating healthy on Monday.

Now you remember you wanted to start an online drawing class tonight. But that would mean taking out the brushes and watercolors and setting up the easel. Yeah, that can wait. Then you grab the remote control that’s always comfortably by your side and turn on the TV. Some weird show is on. The host says your life is about to change for good. You can become the most productive person in the world in just one click. But why not try?

(📹:Bright side)

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