If You See This Ant Imposter, Beware Its Sting!

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Source: Bright side
Nature is staggering, mind-blowing, and breath-taking and hides many curious things within itself. However, sometimes it can scare us with its unusual and frightening views and creatures. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make nature less interesting, does it? Did you know, for example, that a giant centipede can be as long as your forearm? Or that the black widow’s web can easily hold a lizard or toad?

By the way, any guesses for the most dangerous insect in the world? Venomous spiders, ruthless ants, nightmare-inducing centipedes… But the one thing that wreaks the most havoc on the human population is… Mosquitoes! They’re not venomous, their bite doesn’t hurt. It’s the sicknesses they carry! These vampires are one of the oldest species on our planet, going back over 200 million years!

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