20 Ways to Save Your Car from Theft In 1 Second

How to prevent your car from being stolen? Are you sure you feel safe when you leave your car out overnight, in a parking lot, or at the office? Every year, shifty lawbreakers steal millions of cars, all over the world. That’s about 800,000 a year, just in the US! And thieves are getting more inventive every year. They’ve learned how to turn off alarms, out-smart smart keys and, on average, drive away in your car in just 20 seconds!

So, what’re you gonna do? Let’s start with the basics, like when your car alarm starts talking to you! You’re sitting at home, when suddenly “Beep-beep-beep” “Get out here and help me!” Your car’s screaming at you! You grab your keys and rush to the window. Hmm, “I don’t see anyone. Maybe a neighbor passed by a little too close… or a bird sat on my antenna.” What if everything isn’t so harmless, and someone was trying to get into your car? Step up your game with a mute immobilizer! Here’s how it works!👇

(📹:Bright side)

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