35 Amazing Things Your Body Does Without You Knowing

The human body is unique. It’s a very complicated mechanism that still has a lot of secrets scientists have been researching for centuries. But why don’t we try to figure out what the capabilities of our body are, and how far they can stretch? Did you know, for example, that people can distinguish more than a trillion smells? You tend to remember odors better than sounds or images. That’s why smells can evoke distant memories.

Your bones are designed to be used a lot every day. Some of them can absorb the force of two or even three times your body weight. That’s impressive, but your teeth are even stronger! When you bite something, they can withstand incredible pressure – up to 200 pounds! By the way, the enamel is considered to be a part of your skeletal system. We find every aspect of human beings to be fascinating and we’re excited to share some interesting facts about the human body with you.

(📹:Bright Side)

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