Al Capone’s Miami Villa Is Being Sold For $13 Million

If you have $13 million lying around you could buy a stunning Florida mansion that was once owned by notorious gangster and bootlegger Al Capone. The 6,000 sq.-ft. Mansion is part of a 30,000 sq.-ft. compound in Miami Beach, Florida. It’s located on Palm island and comes complete with a dock and private beach. Capone often said the beach reminded him of Italy. The compound has a massive 60 foot by 30 foot pool that was built to Capone’s specifications, and there’s a golden art deco powder room that is a holdover from Capone’s time in the mansion. The reason the pool is so large is that Capone didn’t want anyone to have a pool larger than he did. The largest pool in the area at the time was at the Biltmore Hotel, and Capone wanted his pool to make the Biltmore’s look insignificant in comparison. Capone used the mansion as a hideaway and even planned some of his most infamous crimes there. He returned to the mansion following his arrest for tax evasion and spent his remaining days at the palatial estate and he slipped deeper into dementia. The compound features a guest house and pool house which were used as look outs during the Capone era. Capone bought the sprawling compound in 1928 for $40,000 and spent $70,000 on renovations and security features. He added concrete walls along the lot line and searchlights all over the compound. Here’s a look at Capone’s expensive mansion and the history of this landmark. Watch video below to see more

(📹:The Richest)

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