Uefa to discuss 36-team league as new CL format

If it isn’t already obvious, the very top clubs around Europe want more games against each other so they can make more money.

The European Club Association (ECA) have already mooted the idea of breaking away from Uefa to make a ‘European Super League’ a possibility. So Uefa are interested in reforming European competitions to suit the top clubs.

FC Bayern’s dressing room celebrations after 2020 Champions League victory

The latest suggestion, as revealed by the Times on Tuesday, is called the “Swiss system” and would see the competition kick-off with one 32 or 36-team division.

Each team would play 10 times, five at home and five away, against randomly drawn opponents.

At the end of the 10 matchdays, the top 16 clubs would qualify for the knockout rounds.

The team top of the division would play their last 16 game against the side in 16th, second would play 15th, and so on.

If the model is approved, it will come into use in 2024.

The Times report adds that the extra fixtures, four more for each team than the current group stage format, could put pressure on the domestic cups in England.

Premier League sides could have to drop out of the League Cup and FA Cup replays may fall by the wayside entirely in order to make space in the schedule for the extra European games.

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