Why It’s Important To Be INTROSPECTIVE?

We each have a choice, to, either, let circumstances, and conditions, determine, our best course of action, or, to try, to be the best, we might be, consistently! If one chooses, the second option, it’s very important, to be, INTROSPECTIVE! Rather than, accepting, things, as they may, appear, and permitting, good – enough, to be pervasive, and invasive, into one’s thought – processes, only, when, each of us, take the time, and make the effort, to give ourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, will this self – improvement, become more possible, and viable! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Image/ imagination; integrity: When, your self – image, is a positive one, your ability, to be your personal best, is enhanced, significantly! Instead, of trying to, over – simplify, it is useful, to effectively, take advantage of a well – developed, relevant imagination. When, you are loyal to, your commitment to genuine integrity, and proceed accordingly, you will generally, become better!

2. Need/ needs: What do you think, you really need, to do, proactively, to address your personal needs, in a positive way?

3. Truthful: Avoid the tendency, to lie, to yourself, because, unless/ until, one is absolutely, truthful, to himself, this process, is limited, in its effectiveness!

4. Relevant; realistic: If you want this process, to be meaningful, instead of, merely, going through, the motions, you must ensure, you proceed, in the most relevant, realistic manner!

5. Options; opportunities: The more, viable options and alternatives, one considers, the better, his opportunities, to make the finest decisions, and take the best, possible actions!

6. Strengths; stronger; solutions; self: How well do you know your strengths, and weaknesses? Are you able to use these strengths, and address areas of weakness, to be stronger, and better? Will you seek viable solutions, to maximize your self, and activities, etc?

7. Priorities; planning; phases: Do you know your personal priorities, and will you commit to effective, use strategic, and action planning, to maximize, your effectiveness, etc? Most self – improvement, occurs, in a step – by – step, manner, and only, when one has the patience, and endurance, to honor these phases, will he become the best, he can be!

8. Emphasis: Don’t go through, the motions, but commit to placing your emphasis, where it will be most effective!

9. Character; clarity; consider; create: When was the last time, you evaluated, your quality of character, in an introspective way? Was the process, performed with clarity, so you could consider, the bigger – picture, and create, a better – you?

10. Tendencies: Which of your tendencies, are you, proudest, of, and which, might you, hope, to make better, and help you?

11. Ideals; ideology; interests; ideas: Why do you proceed, with the ideals, and ideology, you do? Do they serve your best – interests, and do they bring forth, or limit, proceeding, with the finest ideas?

12. Vital vision; views; value/ values: We each need a vibrant, vital vision, which we feel strongly about. Are your views, well – considered, and do your value, and values, align, effectively?

13. Energize; enrich; endurance; excellence: We often, become impatient, when we face obstacles, but, it is beneficial, to proceed, with patience, and endurance, which might enhance our commitment to genuine excellence! When we feel, energized, it usually, enriches our overall, experiences, and lives!

In most cases, when we are openly, and honestly, INTROSPECTIVE, we normally, become better, and happier! What might you do, to be the best, you can become?

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/10384715

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