Report: Multiple Barcelona Presidential Candidates Contacted Neymar to Inquire About his Interest in Returning to the Club

The Neymar to FC Barcelona rumors seems to have no stop at all. This time around, the Spanish-based outlet Sport reports that multiple FC Barcelona presidential candidates have contacted Neymar to inquire about his interest in returning to the club.

With the recent resignation of now-former Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu, the club has called for elections in January to determine the next president. Seven candidates have already announced their intention to run for the open presidency role. And as it pertains to this report from Sport, it is unclear on just which candidates reached out to Neymar.

The report also adds that Neymar does not necessarily intend on signing a new contract extension deal with Paris Saint-Germain. Instead, he is eyeing a return to Barcelona and is even more intrigued now that there will be a new president. Neymar was not necessarily on good terms with Bartomeu ever since he departed from the Catalan club. But now with Bartomeu no longer in the picture, he may have some remote interest in going all-in to return to the club.

(Via: onefootball)

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